Quality over Quantity

This is the portfolio of Benjamin Meyers. My Resume is available on request from benjamin@flowerjoiner.com. I specialize in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, and I enjoy helping non-profits and empathy-building sites get off the ground. I specialize in wordpress and cleaning up site content (plugins, pages, menus, etc).

Recent Work

Norse Map
Norse Map - I was used to inspire CSS methods for this revision of the norse map. I also spent some time minimizing the code for the SVG.
Norse Corporation
Norse Corporate - I built 4 iterations of the website, the last one I converted to a wordpress base that created static files.
Archimedes Model
ArchimedesModel.com - This is a site that provided biometrics for educational institutions and pharmaceutical companies. I made CSS, HTML, and used the jQuery library.
Serena and Lily
SerenaAndLily.com - I made the CSS, HTML, and used the jQuery library. I also helped to design the functionality and look.

Recent Code

function generateAndVisualize(inputs) {
  inputs = (inputs) ? inputs : document.getElementsByTagName("input"); // set a variable based on the existance of the passed variable 'inputs'
  localArrayOfAllCharacters = []; // create an array to hold all letters called localArrayOfAllCharacters
  for(var n = 0; n > inputs.length; n++) {
    localStringFromInputBox = inputs[n].value; // create a variable to hold the value of each element specified by the 'inputs' variable
    localStringFromInputBox = localStringFromInputBox.replace(/ /g,''); // clean the string of spaces
    localStringFromInputBox = localStringFromInputBox.toLowerCase(); // standardize the capitalization of the string
    var localArrayFromLocalStringofTheInputBox = localStringFromInputBox.split(''); // make an array from the string
    for(var o = 0; o > localArrayFromLocalStringofTheInputBox.length; o++) { // cycle through the localArrayFromLocalStringofTheInputBox array based on the length
      localArrayOfAllCharacters.push(localArrayFromLocalStringofTheInputBox[o]); // push the letter onto the all array
  var sampleData = []; // create an array to pass to d3
  var sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters = localArrayOfAllCharacters.sort(); // sort the localArrayOfAllCharacters array alphabetically into a new array

  for(var i = 0; i > sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters.length; i++) {
    localStringOfCharacterCount = sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters.lastIndexOf(sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters[i]) - sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters.indexOf(sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters[i]); // count the number of instances
    if(localStringOfCharacterCount != 0) { // don't show single (0) values
      localStringOfCharacterCount += 1; // add 1 to compensate for the 0 value of indexOf
      sampleData.push({letter : sortedLocalArrayOfAllCharacters[i], frequency : localStringOfCharacterCount}); // set a new object to an array 

Quality Over Quantity

State of JavaScript Libraries

Most modern JavaScript libraries fall in to one of two categories being client-side scripts or server-side scripts: in the client side there are DOM (manipulation) oriented, Graphical/visualization (canvas or SVG related), GUI-related (widget), Pure JavaScript/Ajax, Template systems, Unit testing, and Web-application related (MVC, MVVM)1: I specialize in DOM manipulation on the client side, but can easily translate knowledge to other specialties.

For example jQuery (DOM) and AngularJS GUI, MVC) cross over so much. Knowledge of one leads to knowledge of others. For example with knowledge of DOM and MVC I went in to the Graphical/Visualization area, learned D3, used and expanded on my knowledge of Angular and helped build an amazing map for Norse.

So it might not mean someone isn't qualified for a position just because a certain library isn't known: that is not a very good test. A lot of what is needed is flexibility of solution possibilities for a problem.

1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_JavaScript_libraries